Top Boy Mc

Top Boy MC Opens Up About His Unwavering Devotion to Emceeing

Budding events emcee Top Boy MC has candidly opened up about his unparalleled devotion to emceeing.

Top Boy MC real name Mubiru George Trevor is one of the Ugandan events Mc that have exhibited top-notch dedication and resilience to their craft.

Born on 21st NOVEMBER 1999, Top Boy Mc aka Mic Prince grew up in the ghettos of Namugoona (Rubaga Division). Due to the financial constraints that hit his family at an early age, he spent most of his childhood years with his grandmother.

Top Boy Mc capped up his Primary level at Kampala Parents School, Secondary at Ntinda View College, A’ Level at Kajjansi Progressive and currently pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communication at UMCAT.

Having started his emceeing career at school, Top Boy Mc acquired unmatched skills at a young age, and currently his name seats on the list of talented events MC around town.

Top Boy Mc

Top Boy Mc currently performs at H2O Lounge every Monday, Cask Lounge on Thursdays, Catwalk Lounge on Fridays, and La Terraza every Sunday alongside fashion icon Abryanz.

  1. Why did you choose emceeing?

IT CHOSE ME. The microphone CHOSE ME. I really would have been doing this even at my worst. My love for the MIC has been 100% since the 2000s.

2. Why “TOPBOY”??

At the start, it was FIK FAMEICA who helped me create this beautiful piece of TOPBOY with BexxA DJ. And as it says, am destined for the TOP. (TOP BOY Mc)

3. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of people but mostly in the game, I look up to Mc KATS & my brother in NIGERIA OMMY BLACK TOBY SHANG.

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4. How has emceeing changed your life?

-Emceeing has allowed me to gain valuable experience & develop my public speaking skills.

-I’ve built confidence & I’ve connected with a variety of people in different settings

-It has also opened up opportunities for me to travel, networking & perform in different places.

5. What are the achievements gained?

It has been an overall rewarding & fulfilling career so far. Working with a variety of clients & artists in this industry to showcase my talent to a wider audience.

6. What challenges have you faced thus far?

Not many challenges so far though building effective working relationships & maintaining clear communication with all involved parties can be a challenge while working with other performers & professionals, also balancing self-promotion, humility & stage fright.

7. In your opinion, what does it take to make to make a good emcee?

Well, a good emcee must exude confidence & composure while on stage, natural charisma & presence, very good communication skills, a good sense of humour that can keep the audience entertained, good preparation & thorough research on the events’ theme or topic of each night.

Top Boy Mc

8. What is a normal day in your life like?

My daily routine varies significantly depending on the schedule, the types of events to host because some days may involve multiple events while others might be dedicated to preparing for upcoming gigs. Morning preparations (research & reviews), rehearsals & administrative tasks.

9. Tell us more about your new project/show. What’s the inspiration behind it?

Introducing TOPBOY Mc to the world as a talented & promising Emcee in the music industry, creating a platform where he can showcase his unique skills & styles. Unveiling TOPBOY Mc show will inspire & uplift other aspiring Emcees by providing them with a stage to share their passion & talent too because the show will also be packed with exciting performances, engaging activities & an overall entertaining atmosphere.

10. Who are you working on it with?

Working with my manager, Ms. Carol MIREMBE out of CLM Events.

With years of experience in events planning & management, Ms CAROL MIREMBE is an exceptional event manager who brings professionalism, creativity & effective communication to a PROJECT. With her leadership & expertise, the event is sure to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on both the artist & the audience.

11. What are your future plans?  

My future plans include focusing on continuous improvement & development of my skills (stage presence, delivery & crowd interaction). Also networking & collaborating with other emcees, musicians & DJs plus getting different company endorsements with international expansions.


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