Twitter User Khloe is Inconsolable After Her Ex-Boyfriend Leaked Her Intimate Videos | VIDEO

Renowned tweep Mulungi Khloe alias Laloyo ‘The Unknown Poet is inconsolable after her ex-lover leaked her explicit videos on social media.

On Sunday morning, Twitter users woke up to optical nutrition, as an unknown user leaked Khloe’s bedroom videos.

In an audio recording that followed the trending videos, Khloe clarified that the videos were leaked on Telegram before one of her detractors downloaded them and shared them on the blue App.

Khloe claimed in a subsequent Tweet that her ex-boyfriend is responsible for the release of her explicit videos since they were in a long-distance relationship and she shared them with him out of love.


Khloe warned other females against placing too much faith in others, to an extent of sharing their intimate bedroom recordings with them.

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My Ex is trying hard to destroy my life by sharing those nudes! I used to send him that out of love because we’re in Long distance relationship Can’t believe it’s being used against me, Watch Out the People you Trust.

Listen below as Khloe narrates.


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