UCAA Issues Stringent Guidelines to Be Followed by Entebbe Airport Officials to Curb Extortion

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has issued stringent guidelines to be followed by Entebbe Airport officials in a bid to curb the extortion of money from travelers.

The last few days saw Entebbe Airport users express their frustration with the airport staff members who had made it a habit of extorting money from them.

In response to the situation, the UCAA authorities released a statement in which the administration expressed their apologies and stated that they don’t condone extortion at the airport.

It further promised to take action against any official found guilty of engaging in the immoral act of extorting money from any airport user.


The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration officials, led by Gen. Apollo Gowa, and the UCAA team, led by Director General Lumonya Olive, met strategically earlier today, with the workers at Entebbe Airport to develop strategies for efficient passenger processing.

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The committee came to the decision that all airport personnel serving customers would henceforth be obliged to wear name-brand uniforms and will not be permitted to use mobile phones while rendering services to the Airport customers.


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