Ugaboys Vow Not to Take Part in the HiPipo Awards, Citing Disrespect From Organizers

Talented musical duo Ugaboys have expressed their strong displeasure at the Hipipo Awards. A few weeks back, HiPipo published the nomination list for its 12th edition with the grand awarding night slated for Friday, 17 November, at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The Ugaboys, are among the musicians who were nominated in the Best Breakthrough Artists category. However, the duo has decided to abstain from participating in the awards, due to what they deemed as disrespect from the organizers.

Based on the audio recording making rounds on social media, the duo’s decision was prompted by an incident in which they inquired about further details regarding their nomination for the awards.

Instead of receiving the assistance and guidance they expected, they were met with arrogance from one of the organizing members, who directed them to seek further inquiries on the HipPipo website before instructing them to cast as many votes as possible to secure victory in the award.

This encounter left a sour taste in their mouths and led them to question the integrity and fairness of the awards.

The “Salary” singers firmly believe that their talent and hard work will pave the way for their success, regardless of any awards or accolades.


In a surprising twist, the Ugaboys also revealed that they recently declined an invitation to perform at the prestigious Grammys. This bold move showcases their determination to forge their path and not rely on external validation or recognition.

The duo’s decision to turn down such a high-profile opportunity further solidifies their stance on the Hipipo Awards and their disinterest in the breakthrough category.

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The Ugaboys made it clear that they no longer have any interest in participating in the Hipipo Awards. Their disdain for the awards and the perceived disrespect they experienced has led them to sever ties with the ceremony.

Instead, they will focus on their music, their fans, and their journey towards success, confident that their talent will speak for itself.


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