Stannah; Shafik Alvan Bagonza; Stannah Afro-swing and Afro-pop

Stannah Reveals Source of Inspiration to Venture Into Music

Stannah, whose real name is Shafik Alvan Bagonza, is a talented 23-year-old Ugandan musician who specializes in the Afro-swing and Afro-pop music genres.

From a young age, Stannah discovered his passion for performing and singing, often showcasing his talents at church. He found joy in bringing happiness to people through his performances as he shared with Mbu.

During his time in high school, Stannah’s love for music grew even stronger when he was introduced to musical instruments, particularly the guitar. He dedicated himself to learning how to play this instrument, which enhanced his musical abilities and improved his writing skills and creativity.

Unfortunately, Stannah’s plans to pursue his music career were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown restrictions prevented him from accessing the studio, delaying his progress. However, in 2023, Stannah finally overcame these obstacles and successfully released his debut single titled ‘Mpola.’

Since then, Stannah has continued to make strides in his musical journey. He has already released two more songs, ‘Afraid,’ featuring his talented friend Chenkobe, and his third single, ‘Neera,’ produced by the talented Chief D and released on September 7th.


Stannah is determined to keep creating and sharing his music with the world. He has exciting plans for future projects that he intends to release soon.

Stannah; Shafik Alvan Bagonza; Stannah Afro-swing and Afro-pop

Born on March 10th, 2000, into a Muslim family, Stannah was raised as an only child by his single mother. Growing up, he was exposed to various Ugandan Pop and Afrobeats music, which ignited his passion for the art form.

During his formative years, Stannah resided in Mbarara until the age of 11 before relocating to the capital city, Kampala. He attended Makindye Junior School for Primary 7 and completed his UCE exams at Newcastle High School. He later finished high school at Hope High School in Nakirebe.

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His musical journey began when he joined the church choir during his Senior 3. It was within the choir that he honed his guitar skills and nurtured

He draws inspiration from both local and international artists. Ugandan legends such as Radio and Weasel, Rabadaba, and Eddy Kenzo have greatly influenced his musical style. Additionally, he looks up to artists like Burna Boy and Sauti Sol.


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