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Uncovering the Motivation Behind Tracy Melon’s Hit Song ‘Emize’

Tracy Melon reflects on the unexpected success of her popular single ‘Emize’ after leaving the recording studio. Although she recognized it as a good song, she never anticipated it becoming a smash hit.

The track, produced and written by Daddy Andre, has already garnered over 1.1k views on YouTube within just 12 days of its release.

“It is featured on my Smile EP (Extended Play, or mini album). Personally, I didn’t foresee this song becoming such a huge hit, although I knew it had potential. However, my management at Torry Music saw something special in it.

Given Daddy Andre’s track record of creating numerous hits, it’s a new song every day, but I haven’t witnessed it reaching its peak yet.

It wasn’t one of those songs I was certain about, but my management saw its potential,” Tracy Melon revealed during a recent interview.

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Regarding her inspiration for the song, she stated, “Every woman possesses immense power, especially when in love. It makes you vulnerable yet caring. However, a woman can be equally formidable without it. It serves as an inspiration for women. I am grateful to Daddy Andre, a musical genius.”

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Tracy Melon mentioned that some fans, moved by the song’s lyrics, have approached her with various offers, including one who promised to throw a grand birthday party for her.

Take a listen to the song here, and you too will fall in love with it.


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