UNMF Members Led By Eddy Kenzo Want the Government to Purchase For Them Serene Suites Hotel

Reports on our news desk indicate that members of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) requested the government to purchase them the Serene Suites Hotel located in Mutundwe.

Last year musicians under the Eddy Kenzo-led UNMF reached out to the Ministry of Gender with their main concern being that their survival depended on live shows, which had been heavily restricted by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with the government, stating that it had not prioritized their businesses as artists and requested support.

One of the specific requests made by musicians was for access to recording studios, as they were facing financial constraints that made it difficult for them to produce songs during the pandemic.

In response, Serene Suites Hotel offered to host the musicians on credit while the government sought funding for their initiatives.

Recently, the Ministry of Gender received an invoice from the Serene Suites Hotel, detailing the expenses incurred during the musicians’ residency.


The invoice was hence processed through the office of the Prime Minister, and discussions are currently underway regarding the payment.

Furthermore, the members of UNMF formally documented their request for the government to acquire the Serene Suites Hotel, to establish it as a permanent hub for musicians.

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Reports have it that the government is actively considering these requests, with a focus on the development of UNCC and the broader art and entertainment industry. Additionally, they are exploring the establishment of regional entertainment and recording studios.

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