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Upcoming Singer Biswanka Apologizes to Alien Skin After Being Kicked Out of Fangone

Upcoming singer Biswanka has issued an apology to former boss Alien Skin after being kicked out of the Fangone Forest Entertainment record label.

A few months back Alien Skin born Mulwana Patrick signed Biswanka to Fangone Forest having been impressed by the latter’s musical prowess.

Biswanka who was initially a Petrol station attendant, since set out to pursue his musical ambitions under Fangone.

Following the release of his debut single dubbed “Ontunulemu”, he garnered favourable reviews from music aficionados.

However, Biswanka’s rise to stardom came with characters that seemingly didn’t impress the Fangone boss Alien Skin.


Despite multiple counselling sessions, Biswanka turned a deaf ear, which compelled Alien Skin to show him the Fangone Forest exit.

Life after Fangone looks to have treated Biswanka contrary to his expectations, hence issuing an apology to Alien Skin.

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According to the budding singer, he claims to have been misled by the stardom, but he has learnt the hard way and is ready to change if given another chance to return to Fangone.

Biswanka pleaded with Alien to find a soft spot in his heart and forgive him, noting that he is now ready to comply with the record label rules and regulations.

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