Camilla Tessy

Upcoming Singer Camilla Tessy Reveals She Did SST at S.4

SautiANA Records singer Camilla Tessy real name Prossy Nanyonga Mutesi washed social media off its feet when she revealed that she scored 4 points in Social Studies (SST) at Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) final exams.

During an interview with media personality and YouTuber Ibrah K Mukasa, Camilla Tessy delved into several topics including her education.

When asked about her highest level of education, Camilla revealed that she quit after finalizing her senior four final examinations.

She added that during her final examinations, her best subject was Social Studies (SST) which she passed with four aggregates.

Camilla further made it known that she didn’t get to know how she performed in other subjects, as she didn’t manage to pick her results at school.

Camilla Tessy

Social media users have already called Camilla’s submission into question, with many suggesting that the results she is referring to are actually from the primary level of education and not S.4 as she claims.

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Camilla is not the first musician to have academic results that don’t measure up, as Spice Diana a few years back revealed how she scored 32 aggregates in S.6 before releasing a song dubbed 32.


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