Bruno K, Seth Kiggundu

Vanessa Over the Mood Following DNA Results Showing that Bruno K is the Biological Father of Her Son

DNA results have confirmed that singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K sired a child with Vanessa.

A while back, Bruno K became the topic of discussion after his baby mama Vanessa accused him of being a deadbeat father.

In a voice recording between Vanessa and Bruno K, the latter could be heard revealing how he doubted Seth Kiggundu’s paternity.

To settle the debate surrounding Seth Kiggundu’s rightful father, blood samples were drawn from both Bruno and the baby before being taken to a DNA service centre (Hong Kong) for examination.


Earlier today, the results were released, portraying that Bruno K is the rightful father of Kiggundu Holyseth.

Based on the Mendelian Inconsistency, the CPI is 1.06×10 and the probability of Kiggungu Bruno being the biological father of Kiggundu Holyseth is >99.9999%. The biostatistics evaluation¬† of the results indicates that Kiggundu Bruno is the biological father of Kiggundu Holyseth since the genetic markers show that father provides sufficient frequency of allele to child.

Kiggundu bruno is the biological father of kiggundu holyseth

Reads the DNA results description.

In a video clip that followed the DNA result release, Vanessa can be seen revealing that now she feels good to sip on juice unlike before the DNA results outcome.

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