Vere Paul

Vere Paul Seeks Top Seat With New Song “Vumilia” | VIDEO

Ugandan-raising singer Vere Paul makes his comeback with a new single “Vumilia”.

“Vumilia” is a Swahili word that can be translated to mean persevere in English; to attempt or continue doing something with steadfastness in the face of challenges.

“This is a message to recognise every hustler out there. I personally prefer singing my experience. The hard and painful life I went through while growing up. The tough and hard times I went through,” Vere Paul said ahead of the release.

The Afropop and R&B song, which was produced by renowned music producer Nessim Pan Production, features Vere Paul’s faultless poetry and has hints of an Afro-Dancehall vibe.

Vere Paul portrays himself in his element as a well-known businessman in the song’s music video, which was created by Frank Wallet with the intention of promoting positivism and hard work in the community.

Vere Paul’s early singles, Nikumbuke, Olutalo Luno, and All To You, helped to get him started in the business. His 2022 track “Hullo Mama” then helped him get to the magic of “Vumilia,” his most recent hit.

Vere Paul

With his career clearly on the upswing and him leading the next generation of Afropop performers, Vere Paul’s path is also on an upward arc.

His other main goal is to develop as a multifaceted artist. He established the “Vere Paul Music” creative group, which is dedicated to changing many lives via music and other activities.

What We Know About Vere Paul 

Vere Paul is a Ugandan singer and songwriter majoring in Gospel and Inspirational music.

Vere Paul was born in Maddu – Gomba district to Mr. Katabandama Paul Kayomby and Ms. Nambiito Teddy Kazoola.

Vere Paul’s Childhood and Education:

He is the last born of his dad and the third last of my mum.

He went to Maddu C/S (St Charles Lwanga Maddu) Primary School and City Campus High School and Ayenje S.S Gombe Butambala Makindye for his secondary school education.

Vere was later admitted to Fisheries Training Institute Entebbe for his higher schooling.

Vere Paul

Vere Paul’s music career:

Vere Paul is a versatile artist though he prefers delivering inspirational messages through his music at most times. This is because of the tough and painful life he went through while growing up, hence needs to inspire someone out there who maybe share a similar life story as his.

Vere Paul started singing at an early stage in school but made his first professional recording in 2013 at Audio One Studios with popular Ugandan producer Paddy Man with the song “Uganda Yani?”

His discography comprises 12 audios and 4 videos of songs; Lwaki, Reality, Nkomyewo, Nikumbuke, All to you, Urahambaye, Elohim, Tamu Tamu, Olutalo, Hullo Maama and Vumilia.

Through his music, Vere Paul is eager at creating a legacy of impacting the world that no one before.

Vere Paul’s achievements;

He cites receiving positive feedback from different corners of the world, people testifying of being touched and inspired by his music. This has motivated him to keep pursuing his dream.

Vere Paul also consents to meeting many people and widening his friendship circle.

Vere Paul’s Life out of Studio:

He is into the farming business. His hobbies are; Soccer, listening to music and charity work.

Vere Paul’s Instagram and Twitter;

Vere Paul’s official Instagram and account name is @verepaul. His Twitter account is @verepaulmusic and TikTok runs as @verepaul.


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