Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo Accused of Snubbing a Performance in Bukomero

Singer Derick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo is accused of snubbing a performance in Bukomero during the easter festivities.

On 9th April 2023, Victor Kamenyo was booked to headline a show dubbed “Entujju ya Bayimbi mu ba Tiktokers” in Bukomero.

A deposit of Ugx 200,000 was deposited to Victor Kamenyo’s mobile money number in accordance with their agreement of full payment of Ugx 400,000.

Upon receiving the money, Kamenyo pledged to make a drop ahead of the event endorsing it. However, the singer breached the agreament when he failed to turn up at the event as initially agreed.

According to Mr. Amos, the promoter who hired Kamenyo, he embarked on calling the singer to demand a refund but that he resolutely refused to pick his calls.

Victor Kamenyo


The promoter claimed that he spent Ugx 2M on the event and anticipated making at least Ugx 4M, but none of this was ever realized because Kamenyo’s absence caused the show to flop.

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This forced Amos to address the situation in the media, where he disclosed that he had already notified his lawyers and that Kamenyo would shortly be called in.


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