Alien Skin

VIDEO | Alien Skin Arrested Like a Chicken Thief

Singer Alien Skin born Patrick Mulwana to sleep behind bars after being arrested earlier today after one of his performances.

Alien Skin has gripped cyberspace over the past few weeks for all the wrong reasons. The musician was first brought to the attention of the police after assaulting Tonny Ntale, a bouncer, at Vox, a Makindye-based hangout leaving him with a dislocated jaw and missing teeth.

In the blink of an eye, the singer was embroiled in another scandal, as he pocketed booking fees and failed to perform in Mukono. He as well beat up a bouncer and vandalized his car before fleeing with his unruly crew.

This saw Uganda Bouncers Association (UBA) leader Umaru call out Alien Skin to apologize to all the bouncers, or else the singer risked being hunted and handed over to the authorities.

Alien Skin

Earlier today, after his performance in Wankuluku, Alien Skin was arrested and locked up at Kibuye police station.

According to the video cited by Exclusive Bizz, the self-proclaimed Sitya Danger singer could be seen being dragged by Police amid rowdy onlookers.

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While Alien Skin was being taken away, the Police were forced to shoot a few rounds into the air to scatter the mob that had gathered behind them.

According to news reports, Alien Skin’s arrest is related to the wrongdoing he engaged in a few weeks ago.

Have a look at the video below.


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