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Video of Elite High School students arriving at 2024 Prom party in a helicopter raises dust on a social media

The news of a student arriving at their prom party in a helicopter at Elite High School has sparked a range of reactions in Uganda.

This weekend, social media platforms were abuzz with excitement as a student from Elite High School made a grand entrance to their long-awaited 2024 prom party.

In Uganda, it is uncommon for students to use helicopters as a mode of transportation, especially for prom parties. Typically, students opt for expensive cars to make a statement as they arrive with their dates.

However, one student decided to take it to the next level by arriving in a helicopter, much to the delight of their fellow students and social media users.

A video capturing the helicopter’s descent at the school quickly circulated online, triggering mixed responses.

Elite High School

Some users criticized the extravagant trend, arguing that spending over 3 million for a mere 30 minutes of flying was unnecessary. They deemed it excessive and questioned the practicality of such a decision.

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On the other hand, some supported the parents of the students, commending them for investing in their child’s dreams and providing them with a life they had always envisioned.


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