Keko then

VIDEO: Once Uganda’s Hip-Hop darling Keko drowning in Drugs

After years of Keko’s disappearance from the music scene, she reemerges but in a very poor health state. During a live video session on her Instagram account, the dry lips, cough, broken hair, and scaly skin, were enough for one to conclude that she has been feasting on drugs rather than any nutritional meal.

Keko then

She appeared lonely and her only companion was a lighter, a glass of drink, and shades that were covering her sunken eyes caused by dehydration. Her followers were shocked to see the then Hip Hop flag bearer of Uganda, in isolation like a COVID-19 patient.

Keko Now

Keko born Jocelyn Tracey Keko relocated to Canada, where she graduated from a Film School in Toronto in May 2019. Mentioning the name Keko would develop goosebumps in most of her competitors during her reign in 2010. Her lyrical accuracy and physical appearance could not let any of them wage a battle against her musically.

It should be recalled that the singer was under Shadrack Kuteesa’s management before things fell apart.

Keko 's former manager Shadrack Kuteesa
Keko’s former manager Shadrack Kuteesa

It is evident that the singer needs help, but less is known of who will reach out and save a soul.

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