Vinka Kasuku

Vinka Reveals She Nearly Thumped Kasuku Following His Derogatory Remarks About Her

During a candid interview, Vinka bravely opened up about a challenging incident she experienced during the early stages of her singing career.

She revealed that she had a near collision with media personality Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku, due to his derogatory comments about her.

Vinka, known for her resilience and determination, has always dreamt of pursuing a career in music subsequent to relinquishing her position in talent management at Swangz Avenue.

However, like many aspiring artists, she faced numerous obstacles and criticisms along the way. One of the most significant hurdles she encountered was the hurtful comments made by Kasuku, which almost derailed her journey.

Kasuku, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, had made derogatory remarks about Vinka’s talent and potential.


Not only were his words discouraging, but they were also deeply hurtful to the Swangz Avenue star, Vinka. Despite this, she chose not to allow negativity to define her, instead, she maintained her determination to pursue her goals.

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Vinka expressed her grievances during an interview with Galaxy TV, where she fearlessly addressed the offensive statements, hence alleviating the emotional weight she had been carrying.


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