Vinka thrills revelers at Roza Dymz grand opening

Kampala 27th April 2024 – The grand opening of Roza Dymz Restaurant and Lounge last night saw a big turn-up of revelers, marking a remarkable beginning for the venue.

The Gates opened promptly at 7:00 PM, and by 11:00 PM, the Roza Dymz was vibrating with energy, Smiles adorned the faces of revelers as they graced the red carpet and laughter filled the air. As DJ Chris opened the night, the anticipation of an unforgettable evening lingered.

Throughout the entire evening, partygoers kept waitresses, waiters, and hosts who were clad in beige shirts and black pants busy as they ordered drinks from the well-stocked intimate bar and food from the restaurant that arrived within minutes of orders being placed.

This exclusive efficient and seamless service set the tone for a night of celebration, laid-back vibes, and pure enjoyment, as guests eagerly embraced every moment.

DJ Tony took over the decks as the night unfolded. He was joined by DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Alisha. The highlight of the evening was the performance by Vinka, who read the crowd and matched their energy. Clad in an orange ruffle sleeve top and shorts, Vinka delivered an outstanding performance.

Vinka, Roza Dymz

The audience sang along to “Checkecha”, “All Over You”, and “Omukwano Ogwo”, among others. DJs Slick Stuart and Alisha kept the beats flowing, ensuring revelers kept on their feet all night long.  MC Sheila Salta’s infectious energy and great hosting kept the energy up, until the early hours of Saturday morning as revelers dispersed.

 The grand opening of Roza Dymz was truly a success!!

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The event was flawlessly organized by Talent Africa Group, further solidifying its reputation for delivering unforgettable experiences and being the best innovative events company in East Africa.


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