Vinka’s Bailando Debuts on Apple Music Top Hits Playlist

Vinka has made waves with her latest single dubbed “Bailando,” which showcases her impressive talent and work ethic.

The song is smooth and danceable thanks to the blend of Afro-pop and dancehall. It’s well-written and pleasant-sounding lasting three minutes and thirty-nine seconds.

Vinka channels the great masters through the intentional use of vocalization, notably on the harmonies, which enhances the song’s beauty. “Bailando,” a song with a party and love vibe was produced and written by Daddy Andre.

The video, shot by Marvin Musoke, features scenes from the bedroom, supermarket, and party, with impressive choreography from Icy Sonia and Abi Charity leading the vixens.

Vinka’s reliability and consistency make her a top-notch artist.

This is Vinka’s first song to be released this year, and it is already at the top of the charts on global streaming services like Apple Music’s TODAY’s HITs playlist.

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The renowned Swangz Avenue female artist has continued to demonstrate her talent for releasing excellent music.

The vocalist of Bailando has been managed by Swangz Avenue since 2016. In 2018, she signed a long-term contract with Sony, and Sony continued to use Swangz management services.

Have a look at the video below;


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