Vivian Mimi

Vivian Mimi Thrilled to Join Liam Voice’s Record Label

Kampala, Uganda rising singer Vivian Mimi is ecstatic to announce her recent signing with Liam Voice’s record label. As a talented Ugandan singer, Vivian feels incredibly honoured to be a part of a label owned by one of the country’s most beloved vocalists.

“I am filled with immense joy as I embark on this new chapter in my musical journey,” expresses Vivian. “Liam Voice is already an icon in the Ugandan music industry, and to have his support and guidance is truly a dream come true.”

Vivian’s soulful voice and captivating stage presence have already made a significant impact on the music scene. Now, with the backing of Liam Voice’s label, she is poised to elevate her career to new heights.

“Liam Voice has been a mentor to me, and I have always admired his unwavering passion and dedication to music,” shares Vivian. “I am eagerly looking forward to learning from him and collaborating with his talented team to create extraordinary music.”

Liam Voice’s record label is renowned for nurturing talent and producing exceptional music. With Vivian Mimi joining their ranks, fans can anticipate remarkable collaborations and chart-topping hits in the making!

Vivian Mimi

“I am thrilled to welcome Vivian into our musical family,” expresses Liam Voice. “Her undeniable talent is bound to make a profound impact on the industry.”

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Vivian Mimi’s future is shining brightly, and we eagerly await the exciting developments in her music career and her journey with Liam Voice’s record label. Congratulations, Vivian!


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