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Vivian Tendo Calls Off Pregnancy Rumours

Singer Vivian Tendo has come out and watered down reports that she was pregnant during the time of her introduction.

A few months back, Vivian Tendo and her husband Moses Tinsley held a colourful introduction ceremony at the former’s parents.

By the end of the ceremony, attendees were left with the impression that the singer was pregnant, owing to her then jutting tummy.

However, while appearing in an interview last week, Vivian Tendo called off the allegations, pointing out that she has never been pregas.

Vivian mentioned that during the introduction, her customary “Gomesi” garb was overly bulky and that the “Kitambala” was tied haphazardly, giving the impression that she was pregnant.

vivian tendo

When asked if she had aborted, Vivian Tendo maintained that she is an adult who is legally married, and hence sees no essence in aborting her child.

Vivian Tendo insisted that she wouldn’t hold a ceremony while pregnant, saying it would be hard to handle emotions associated with both the pregnancy and the ceremony.

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She went on to say that her recent weight gain may have sparked the pregnancy suspicions, before pleading with the internet community to hold off on congratulating her and she would let them know as soon as she became pregnant.



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