Vivian Tendo, Yesse Oman Rafiki

Vivian Tendo Explains Why She Fell out With Yese Oman Rafiki

Singer Vivian Tendo has finally opened up on why she fell out with her former manager Yese Oman Rafiki.

In December 2021, Vivian Tendo parted ways with Yese Oman Rafiki’s record label Route Entertainment.

However, the singer preferred to keep the reasons for her departure to herself, not until a few days back while taking part in an interview with Ruth Kalibbala.

Vivian revealed that one of her South African based cousins Hilder pitched her an idea of performing in the country as a way of pushing her music beyond Ugandan borders.

She adds that she spoke to her former manager, who rejected the notion on the grounds that she couldn’t perform for free.

Vivian Tendo

After musch persuasion from a mutual friends, Oman Rafiki finally accepted Vivian to go and perform in South Africa.

But a few days to event D-day, Oman Rafiki disclosed that if the event organisers couldn’t avail him with a ticket to travel with Vivian, the singer had to mull about pulling out of the event, and if she defied his orders, that was the end of her career with the label.

Vivian goes on to say that it was too late to process her manager’s travel documents, hence she solely showed up at the event.

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Since they were operating on a gentleman’s agreement at the time, Oman Rafiki wanted her to sign an agreement when she returned from South Africa, which marked the beginning of the disputes between the pair.

After reading the contract, she found the stipulations difficult to understand, therefore she refused to sign it, which marked end of her journey with Route Entertainment.


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