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Vivian Tendo Introduces Moses Waswa Tinsley to Her Parents | VIDEO

Singer Viaian Tendo and her fiance Moses Waswa Tinsley today held a colourful introduction ceremony.

On 03rd June 2023, Vivian Tendo and her fiance Moses Wasawa Tinsley held a customary ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

‘Okukyala’ is a traditional function that happens to be the root of the entire marriage ceremony according to the Buganda marriage practices.

Vivian earlier today introduced her lover to her parents, a tremendous step forward for the couple as they near the altar.

According to a video obtained by Exclusive Bizz, the bubbly singer can be seen all smiles, amid her introduction ceremony.

Vivian Tendo

In one of her interviews recently, Vivian Tendo was quoted noting that she met Moses Waswa Tinsley during charity work, before embarking on a romantic relationship.

The couple’s relationship was solidified with a marriage proposal in January, ‘Kukyala’ last week, and today’s flamboyant introduction ceremony.

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The couple anticipates walking down the aisle on a day that will soon be revealed, if everything goes according to their manual.

Congratulations to the couple.


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