Vivian Tendo’s Husband Moses Tinsley Addresses Criticism Surrounding His Decision to Cook For His Wife

Singer Vivian Tendo’s husband Moses Tinsley has responded to criticism surrounding his decision to cook for his wife.

In a social media post from nearly a week ago, Tinsley shared photos of himself cooking for his wife and their children at their orphanage centre at Gloryland.

These photos sparked a discussion among netizens, with many questioning why Tinsley was the one cooking instead of his wife, and why he was wearing pyjamas during the process.

While addressing the criticism, Tinsley posed a thought-provoking question: “Must one wear a suit to pretend to have a perfect life while cooking?”

He emphasized that when one travels outside their village, they not only cook for themselves and their spouse but also clean tables after eating at restaurants.

Tinsley firmly stated that men are capable of cooking, washing dishes, babysitting, and still fulfilling their work responsibilities.

Moses Tinsley

He emphasized that this is simply a journey to be shared, not a situation where one person suffers while the other enjoys.

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Tinsley pointed out that he did not break his legs or hands while cooking, highlighting that a stereotypical mindset only complicates life unnecessarily.

My villagemates were complaining when I cooked for my wife & kids at Gloryland. And why I was wearing pajamas. Well, did I have to put on a suit to fake life?
When you get to travel outside your village, you’ll not only cook for your yourself & wife, but even clean tables after eating in restaurants. Men can cook, wash dishes, do babysitting & still go to office for work. It’s just a journey to share. Not a ride for one & misery for the other. I didn’t break my legs or hands after cooking. Stereotype mindset makes life complicated.


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