Vyroota faints midway through his performance at the Zzina Carnival 2024 | VIDEO

Regrettably, there have been reports of singer Vyroota collapsing during his performance at the Galaxy FM Zzina Carnival today.

On the 5th of May 2024, the carnival took place at Buloba Forest Park, featuring a lineup of Ugandan musicians, including the talented Vyroota.

Unfortunately, the singer’s performance was interrupted when he fainted and fell on stage, prompting event organizers to quickly assist him offstage.

He was then transported by ambulance for further medical evaluation and treatment.

The exact cause of Vyrota’s collapse remains unknown at this time, but updates will be provided as soon as more information becomes available.


Despite the unfortunate turn of events, the carnival continued with the remaining scheduled performances, but the atmosphere was noticeably subdued as fans and artists alike were concerned about Vyrota’s health.

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Fans and fellow musicians expressed their concern and well wishes for Vyroota on social media, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Many were shocked and saddened by the incident, as Vyrota is known for his energetic performances and strong stage presence.


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