Anita Fabiola, Mark Mubiru

“We Married Rich” Anita Fabiola on Why She Drives a Swanky Car

Socialite and media personality Anita Fabiola has attributed her driving a posh car to having gotten married to a rich husband.

Fabiola made the revelation while responding to NTV Journalist Patrick Mukasa’s Tweet, in which he inquired about the kind of courses people who drive swanky cars study at the university.

“People who drive such cars, what course did you study at University?”

In response, Anita Fabiola said that one of the perks of marrying a wealthy person like her husband Mark Mubiru was getting to drive one of the town’s swankiest cars.

Anita Fabiola

It should be recalled that during her introduction ceremony in January of this year, Anita Fabiola’s fianc√© Mark Mubiru presented her with a brand-new red Mercedes Benz.

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Anita Fabiola is one of the wealthy city socialites who eats life with a big spoon because she wed a wealthy man.


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