Sandra Teta, Weasel Manizo

Weasel Manizo Elated As Sandra Teta Returns to His Home Following a Nasty Breakup

Douglas Mayanja, better known by his stage name Weasel Manizo, is overjoyed that Sandra Teta has returned to their marriage.

In July 2022, Weasel fell out with Sandra Teta which saw the singer thump his baby mama leaving her nursing a missing tooth.

Weasel’s brutal reaction towards Teta emanated from the baby mama returning home late from hosting her bar night themes.

Public outcry over the couple’s contentious breakup was intense, with many calling for a boycott of Weasel’s music due to domestic violence.

Subsequently, Sandra Teta and her children returned to their parents’ house in Rwanda, which Weasle claimed was so they could prepare for their upcoming “Kukyala” ceremony and have a break from the Ugandan media’s prying eyes.

Sandra Teta

Teta’s stay in Rwanda was approximately seven months, before returning a few days ago. Weasel confirmed his wife had come home while speaking to the media, and he was obviously giddy with joy.

Wasel noted that being a star, they ought to be criticised, but that doesn’t change the fact that Teta and he are inseparable.

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The Goodlife singer refuted claims suggesting that Teta’s return to their marriage was contingent upon his legal marriage to her. He insisted that this was always the plan because he adores his wife, with whom they have two children.

Weasel Manizo also admitted that he missed everything about his wife, including the delicious meals she used to make.


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