Weasel Manizo, Karole Kasita

Weasel Manizo Reveals He is Proud of a Star Karole Kasita Has Become in a Tear-jerking Moment

Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo becomes emotional as he proudly expresses his admiration for the success that Karole Kasita has achieved.

During a performance at a popular hangout spot in Kampala, Weasel Manizo and Karole Kasita crossed paths.

During this encounter, Weasel Manizo apologized to Karole for not being able to attend her recent “Chekecha” concert, revealing that he was caught up by other commitments in Mbarara.

Weasel further revealed that from the very beginning, Karole Kasita had always expressed her desire to sing and become a star.

He expressed his regret that the late Mowzey Radio couldn’t be there to witness Karole’s growth and success and believed that Radio would have been immensely proud of her achievements and the artist she had become.

Karole Kasita

Despite the pain of Radio’s absence, Weasel firmly believed that his spirit lived on, watching over them from above.

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As Weasel spoke, tears welled up in his eyes, reflecting the depth of his emotions. He confessed that he had always seen Karole as a sister, someone he could rely on and confide in.

Have a look at the video below;


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