Lilian Mbabazi, Weasel Manizo

Weasel Manizo Shares Last Moments With Radio, Disputes Lilian’s Claims That They Weren’t Close; VIDEO

Weasel Manizo expressed his disappointment with the statements made by Lilian Mbabazi regarding the late Mowzey Radio’s lack of close friends prior to his passing.

During the Tusker Malt Conversessions, singer Lilian Mbabazi shared her thoughts on Mowzey Radio’s relationships and expressed her doubts about the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.

According to Lilian Mbabazi, the friends who truly loved Mowzey Radio were few, and even those who claimed to be his friends were not truly close to him.

She strongly believed that Radio had passed away before he could even be taken to the hospital following a bar fight in Entebbe.

However, in a recent interview with Galaxy TV, Weasel Manizo revealed that he was deeply hurt by Lilian Mbabazi’s claims that his late partner had no close friends.

Weasel recounted that a few days before Radio was admitted to the hospital, the doctors had given them hope that he would regain consciousness soon. They advised his close friends to gather the songs that would resonate with him to stimulate his brain.

Weasel mentioned that this news had filled them with excitement, and they had even gone to a bar to celebrate before receiving the devastating news the next day that Radio had passed away.

Radio and Weasel

Weasel disagreed with Lilian’s assertion that Radio had died before reaching the hospital, pointing out that he had witnessed the life-support machines keeping him alive even before his death.

He acknowledged that he did not blame Lilian for her claims, as many people associated with Radio had lost their sense of reality, including herself.

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Weasel made it clear that when he sees Lilian making such statements in interviews, she is not the same Lilian he knew before Radio’s death.


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