Rema Namakula, Aamaal Musuuza

“We’ve Been Through it All Together” Rema Namakula As She Celebrates Daughter Aamaal’s 9th Birthday.

On December 26th, 2023, renowned singer Rema Namakula and her ex-partner Eddy Kenzo’s daughter, Aamaal Musuuza, celebrate her 9th birthday.

It is worth noting that Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula had a daughter named Aamaal Musuuza together before their relationship came to an end due to circumstances beyond their control.

After their separation, Rema Namakula took on the responsibility of raising their daughter, and they have since been successfully co-parenting harmoniously.

Today, their daughter turns nine years old, and Rema Namakula couldn’t contain her excitement. Taking to her social media platforms, Rema reflected on the challenges she faced after giving birth to her firstborn daughter.

Rema shared that, as the saying goes, firstborn children grow alongside their parents, and she has witnessed this firsthand.

Rema Namakula, Aamaal Musuuza

She emphasized that she and her daughter have experienced various ups and downs together, and she is grateful to Allah for blessing her with the role of being her mother.

Rema reassured her daughter that she will always be there for her, expressing her unwavering love, and concluded by wishing her a joyful ninth birthday.


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