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“When Siring Kids, do it with a Responsible Man” – Dorothy Shonga Hits at Ex-Co-wife Sasha Brighton in Cryptic Post

Singer Sasha Brighton’s ex-co-wife Dorothy Shonga has come out and remarked on the former’s situation in a cryptic post.

Earlier today, social media was washed off its feet by a leaked audio clip seemingly of Sasha sobbing over her partner with whom she shares one kid dumping her.

In the audio, Sasha reveals that she is currently choking on accumulated rent arrears, yet the partner no longer picks up her calls or responds to her texts.

The development saw the singer’s fans and well-wishers sympathize with her, for handing her heart to the wrong person.

In the same line, the singer’s ex-co-wife Dorothy Shonga took to Facebook and advised folks to always be cautious before siring kids with any man. ”If you have not yet conceived now when ready do it with a responsible person”


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The post, which Dorothy later updated, stated that karma never forgets and would always reward you generously, regardless of how long it may take.

“About KAMA is a post for tomorrow. (It handsomely allocates you no matter how long it might take) God bless y’all.”

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In light of Dorothy’s history with Sasha, netizens were so quick to infer the message, as being addressed to the singer.

It should be recalled that ever since Sasha snatched Dorothy Shonga’s husband Herbert Shonga a few years back the two have not been seeing eye to eye.


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