Bruno K

Why Bruno K Demands an Apology From a Parliamentary Journalist

Singer Bruno K yesterday demanded an apology on behalf of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) from a parliamentary journalist.

Recently the Uganda National Musicians Federation led by their president Eddy Kenzo and Sheeah Karungi were invited to the parliament to deliver their petition regarding amendment of the copyright law.

Midway through their meeting with several officials and members of the press, musicians became disorderly, which led one of the journalists to label them as disorganised people.

The journalist’s statement rubbed several musicians the wrong way, including Ray Signature and Bruno K, who went further to urge to joualist to exit their meeting.

Yesterday, the UNMF members had another meeting at the parliament and the journalist whom they claim disrespected them was in attendance, to cover the proceedings.

Bruno K

On seeing him, Bruno K was infuriated, before ordering him to first apologise to the congregation and failure he had to leave.

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It necessitated the involvement of the meeting’s chairman, who asked Bruno K to put the earlier altercation with the journalist in the past and focus on the current topics.

You had an engagement yesterday I’ve not followed myself and let’s stick to the issues of this meeting without getting confrontational, let’s contain it I think we get a forum where they have to deal with it because if you had an engagement with somebody yesterday somewhere and then the next we here for a meeting over different things and then we start from where we stopped yesterday that is not going to be very good for this meeting.


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