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Why Doreen Nasasira Prefers Uncircumcised Men

Media personality Doreen Nasasira has openly expressed her preference for uncircumcised men over circumcised ones.

She justifies her stance by stating that uncircumcised men tend to be warmer compared to their circumcised counterparts.

Contrary to the common belief that uncircumcised men may struggle with genital hygiene, Doreen pointed out that there are men who maintain cleanliness despite not being circumcised, and vice versa.

In contrast to her perspective, Bina Babie, her closest friend, asserted that she cannot engage in a romantic relationship with an uncircumcised man.

Bina further emphasized that uncircumcised men must diligently maintain genital hygiene by showering approximately 12 times a day, something hard to commit to.

doreen nasasira


It is worth noting that Doreen’s viewpoint does not seek to undermine or devalue circumcised men.

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Instead, she aims to promote a more inclusive and open-minded approach to personal preferences, emphasizing that attraction is subjective and can vary from person to person.


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