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Why Fifi Da Queen Wants Monetary Success Cards Banned in Schools

Media personality Fifi Da Queen has taken a strong stance against the use of Money Success Cards within schools.

There has been a skyrocketing trend among schools where parents gift their kids with bouquets made out of money ahead of their UNEB final exams.

The trend has raised concerns among certain individuals who are of the opinion that it is having a negative impact, particularly in average schools.

Taking to social media, former Bukedde TV journalist Fifi Da Queen added her voice to the increasing number of critics, who are calling for an end to this trend.

Fifi argues that the pursuit of these monetary rewards can overshadow the joy of learning and hinder students’ overall well-being.

Furthermore, Fifi raises concerns about the potential for inequality and unfairness that Money Success Cards can create.

Fifi Da Queen

She asserts that these cards often favour students from privileged backgrounds who have access to additional resources and opportunities.

This can create a sense of injustice and demotivation among students who may not have the same advantages.

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Parents are strongly encouraged to present their children with success cards in the comfort of their own homes or within the staffrooms, in order to prevent any potential inconveniences that may arise.

Fifi believes that by eliminating Money Success Cards, educational institutions can foster a more equitable and inclusive environment where every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.

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