Jose Chameleon

Why Jose Chameleon Almost Failed To Perform In South Africa

Earlier this week, singer Jose Chameleon touched down on the South African soil ahead of his streak of shows in the country.

Prior to Chameleon’s Randburg show on Saturday, threats started making rounds warning the singer against stepping on stage.

The threats stemmed from Chameleon’s political affiliation, as a clique of South African-based Ugandans accused him of not siding with the oppressed Ugandans.

The saga generated a rift between South Africa’s dwellers, as some wanted him to perform, while others thought otherwise.

The situation at hand was joined by a female event promoter identified as Zaina Namuwonge, who accused Chameleon of taking her money and snubbing her events in 2015.

Zaina Namuwonge

Zaina indicted Chameleon for taking her money amounting to UGX 13M and failing to show up at the events as anticipated by the organizer and the fans.

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After the two parties failed to solve their indifferences amicably, Zaina sued the singer and demanded a refund of her money and compensation for the losses incurred.

The Bayuda star turned a deaf ear to Zaina’s outcry and stopped picking up her calls.

Jose Chameleon’s jetting into South Africa was a prayer answered for Zaina, who ordered the former’s arrest.

This sabotaged the singer’s programs, but later the pair agreed and Chameleon performed for his fans in the wee hours.


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