Sheebah Karungi, Mamuli Katumba

Why Mamuli Katumba Wants Sheebah Karungi to Be Held Liable In Case He Dies Now

Veteran singer Mamuli Katumba has come out to claim that if dies fellow singer Sheebah Karungi should be held accountable.

A few hours back, we reported how the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Vice President Sheebah Karungi fell out with singer Mamuli Katumba during one of the federation meetings.

Mamuli Katumba who was expressing his disappointment with the Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS), was reportedly blasted by Sheebah, before instructing security to throw him outside for sabotaging the meeting.

The conference was brought back to order after Eddy Kenzo, the president of the UNMF, interfered.

However, based on the most recent video accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Mamuli Katumba is unhappy with Sheebah for harassing him during the meeting.

Mamuli Katumba

He made the point that since he was one of the musicians that laid a foundation for Uganda’s music industry, he is entitled to voice his complaints about it.

Mamuli attributed his prevailing pressure and blood sugar spike to Sheebah’s humiliation during the meeting.

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The veteran singer went on to say that in case he breathes his last now, Sheebah Karungi ought to be held liable.

Have a look at the video below.


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