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Why Maureen Nantume Wants Aspiring Musicians to Priotize Music Careers Over Motherhood

Singer Maureen Nantume advises aspiring female musicians to prioritize their music careers over embarking on motherhood.

Maureen Nantume, one of the musicians who became a mother at a young age, shared her personal experience during a recent media address.

She highlighted the importance of immense dedication and commitment in order to thrive in the music industry, as embarking on a music career while also being a mother can impede one’s progress.

She explained that the demands of motherhood and the pursuit of a music career often clash, making it challenging to strike a balance.

Nantume believes that adding the responsibilities of a music career on top of that can be overwhelming and may lead to neglecting one’s children or compromising on the quality of their music.

Maureen Nantume Christmas 2023

Furthermore, Nantume highlights the importance of building a strong foundation for a music career before considering motherhood.

She advises young musicians to focus on honing their skills, establishing their brand, and gaining recognition in the industry before taking on the additional responsibilities of raising a child.

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Nantume maintained that her advice is not meant to discourage aspiring musicians from becoming mothers altogether, but rather to encourage them to prioritize their music careers during the early stages.


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