Nabbi Omukazi Maggie kayima

Why Nabbi Omukazi Maggie Kayima Rejected Ugx12M Betting Prize

USA-based Ugandan gospel singer Nabbie Omukazi Maggie Kayima shares her experience of rejecting a Ugx 12M betting prize from one of Uganda’s prominent betting companies.

Maggie Kayima explains that she found herself in a situation where she had Ugx 200K on her phone and some debts to pay off.

Feeling a strong intuition, she decided to take a gamble and bet all her money on Kagwirawo sports betting.

As a sports enthusiast, Maggie risked everything and after an hour, she checked her phone only to find out that she had won Ugx 12M.

Excited by her unexpected victory, the betting company froze her account, stating that they needed to investigate the win as they found it hard to believe.

Nabbi Omukazi Maggie kayima

They later contacted her, offering two options: either she could go to their office and receive the money in front of cameras, or they could reduce the amount to Ugx 5M.

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Maggie confesses that she didn’t want to expose herself to judgment, as people might question how a prophetess could engage in gambling. Therefore, she declined the press conference and settled for the 5 million that was later deposited into her account.

I’ll never forget the day I was broke with only 200,000ugx and a slew of debts to pay, and my intuition told me to gamble it all away in betting. Those who know me well are aware of my intense passion for sports, particularly football. I grew up supporting Express FC in Uganda, Manchester United as well as FC Barcelona, so I’m well versed in sports, and I put all of my 200K on the Kagwirawo sports betting app.


I complied with my intuition and chose four games, betting all of my money on them. Those who bet understand what it’s like to stake all you have with great hopes. I immediately felt weak, nauseous and had diarrhea and to top it all off, I had to wait for an hour and a half to find out if I would be a millionaire or go completely broke. Munange After an hour, I checked my phone and saw that I had won 12,000,000 ugx! I was overjoyed but guess what happened? The Kagwirawo company froze my account.


They later called to ask me about my bet and football expertise. They began informing me that they needed to freeze my account while they investigate since they couldn’t believe it. They had no idea they were talking with a prophetess. I was like, “bano bamanyi nti bogera namusambwa”? They told me that if I didn’t go to their station and receive the money in front of cameras, (mbu sente zabwe zali nyinji, so they had to kundabisa) or else they would have to lower the amount I won to 5 million ugx.


I honestly didn’t want to expose my face for fear of being judged how a nabbi could also gamble, So I declined the press conference and had to settle for the 5 million that they later deposited into my account. Endala nazibalekela si ka camera ate nali ntademu meka? I was good with the 5M because I was just in my bedroom stuck and stressed, holding my phone, which had just 200k on it that i invested and earned 5 millionugx in an hour and a half. Banage some of us are too lazy to work hard, we work smart gwe osaaga nowemikisa.


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