Winnie Nwagi, Lord Sanie

Winnie Nwagi and boyfriend Lord Sanie establish a clothing boutique in Kyanja

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi and her partner Lord Sanie have successfully ventured into the world of fashion by establishing a clothing boutique in Kyanja.

The dynamic duo has taken a significant step towards increasing their financial gains with the launch of The Klean Kyanja boutique.

A video shared by the couple showcases the process of setting up the boutique and arranging the clothing items within the store.

This strategic move not only aims to boost their income but also complements their flourishing music careers.

Winnie Nwagi

In their video caption, Winnie Nwagi and Lord Sanie encourage the public to show their support by visiting Percentage Plaza in Kyanja to explore their clothing collection.

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The launch of The Klean Kyanja boutique marks a new chapter in Winnie Nwagi and Lord Sanie’s career, and they are excited to see where this new venture will take them.


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