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Winnie Nwagi Calls Out Cindy Sanyu to Stop Demeaning Fellow Musicians

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has implored dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu to stop demeaning fellow musicians. Over the years, Cindy Sanyu has been ranking herself as superior to many fellow female musicians in the Ugandan music industry.

During her just-concluded Comeback concert activation at the Rozaho hangout spot in Kololo, Cindy was tasked to name a few female musicians who, in her opinion thinks can level up to her.

In her response, Cindy disclosed that ever since Grace Nakimera lost her musical grip, there have never been any other female musicians that could level up to her.

When asked about Karole Kasita, Cindy noted that she nurtured the former into the talented musician that she is today, and she can’t compete with kids.

About Winnie Nwagi, Cindy acknowledged the proclaimed Fire Baby as being talented but stressed that she is still a young brand compared to her.

Winnie Nwagi

Cindy’s submission, however, didn’t settle well with Winnie Nwagi, who expressed her disappointment while hosted at the NTV The Beat show earlier today.

Winnie Nwagi revealed that for a while now, she has been crossing paths with Cindy Sanyu’s interviews on social media demeaning fellow female musicians.

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Winnie added that Cindy should reduce her pride, attacking everyone, ranking fellow musicians and treating them as though they don’t know what they were doing.

The Musawo singer admitted to adoring Cindy and that she had never said anything bad about her, but she was shocked to learn that she was undermining her.

I love Cindy so much, I’ve never attacked her even behind the camera and I always say good things about her but I was shocked to see her ranking me. Stop raking people. We all know where we are supposed to be, you get, and God created us everyone has their luck so I am not supposed to be where Cindy is or going.


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