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Winnie Nwagi Elated As Daughter Mirembe Destiny Awarded Best Dancer Certificate at School

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi is over the moon after her daughter Mirembe Destiny Valerie bagged a best dancer certificate from her school.

On 5th August 2023, Mirembe Destiny took part in Lohana Academy in Kololo school music dance and drama competitions.

Based on the video that was shared by Nwagi on her Instagram account, Mirembe put up an unmatched performance, that left Mother’s fans and followers in astonishment.

So true what they say .., Ekitezaala tekyaala… so proud u Destiny No wonder u were so excited about this day… Nwagi captioned the video.

Winnie Nwagi, Destiny Valerie Mirembe.

Given the dance prowess displayed at the talent contest, Mirembe Destiny’s ranking as one of the top dancers at school comes as no surprise.

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Having acquired the achievement, Winnie Nwagi was quick to take to Snapchat where she flaunted the daughter’s triumph to her followers and fans.

Mirembe Destiny Valerie


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