Winnie Nwagi, Bizzy Nateete

Winnie Nwagi reacts to rumours of Bizzy Nateete being the biological father of her daughter

Swangz Avenue Singer Winnie Nwagi has addressed the rumors circulating about upcoming musician Bizzy Nateete possibly being the biological father of her daughter, Destiny Mirembe.

Earlier this week, a video emerged on social media featuring Bizzy Nateete claiming to be the biological father of Nwagi’s daughter.

According to Bizzy, he claimed to have fathered a child with Winnie Nwagi over ten years ago, but their relationship ended due to infidelity.

Bizzy publicly expressed his desire to have access to his daughter and requested Winnie Nwagi to grant him his parental rights.

In response to these allegations, Nwagi took to her Snapchat account to address the situation, criticizing those who resort to drugs.

Winnie Nwagi

She also warned journalists against contacting her with inquiries about the matter, stating that she would not respond favorably to such questions.

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Nwagi advised them to conduct thorough research to obtain accurate information or simply refrain from getting involved in the matter.


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