Winnie wa Mummy

Winnie Wa Mummy’s TikTok account with 1.1M followers banned

Content creator and singer Winnie Wa Mummy is devastated after losing her TikTok account with 1.1M followers.

Winnie Wa Mummy has been one of the most followed content creators on the video-sharing application TikTok thanks to her outstanding craft.

A few weeks back, Winnie celebrated a tremendous milestone, when she amassed a million followers on the app.

However, a few days after hitting the 1M mark, the account started facing technical issues, as it couldn’t reflect in the application’s search results.

Despite the challenges, Winnie was determined that this would come to an end, hence continuing to share her craft.

Winnie wa Mummy

Yesterday, Winnie Wa Mummy through her backup account announced how she had lost her account after it got banned.

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The teary singer didn’t explain why her account was banned, but she is determined that she will rebuild her following through an account she will announce soon.


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