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Ykee Benda Reveals Why His Love Affair With Baby Mama Julie Batenga Failed

Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda real name Wycliff Tugume has opened the lid on why his romantic relationship with his baby mama Julie Batenga hit a dead end.

While taking part in an interview with Galaxy TV’s Deep Talk show with Mr. Henrie, Ykee Benda revealed that he knew Julie Batenga from way back in high school before embarking on a romantic relationship.

The two cemented their love affair with a colourful customary “Kukyala” ceremony at Julie Batenga’s parents’ home.

The couple went on to establish a family a family together, with the welcoming of their gorgeous son Dante Quain.

Several years into their marriage, Benda claims he outgrew the high school version of him Julie Batenga knew, and this marked the beginning of their fallout.

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The biggest problem I encountered with Julie was that she was stuck in the old me. She still wanted me to be the high school boyfriend, a sweet lovey-dovey who had no problems. No, this man now has problems, sometimes he will not be in the vibe, and sometimes he will want to be with his friends all those were fights.

Benda goes on to stress that having frustrated themselves for a very long time, he decided to call it quits hence starting a new life chapter.


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