Eddy Kenzo, Producer Didi

“You Have Never Helped Me Stop Lying to the Public” Producer Didi Blasts Eddy Kenzo

Veteran music producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa has blasted Eddy Kenzo for lying to the people that he helped him.

Producer Didi has been the subject of conversation for a while now after resurfacing in a terrible situation.

King Saha was among the few musicians that came to Didi’s rescue and helped him with the little they had in an effort to change his livelihood.

While taking part in an interview, one of Didi’s longtime friends Eddy Kenzo was asked if he managed to reach out to the producer.

In his response, Eddy Kenzo revealed that he has worked with Didi for many years, and he has been helping him.

Producer Didi

Upon Didi crossing paths with Kenzo’s interview, he was left with a sour taste in his mouth, before taking to TikTok to express his frustration.

Didi said that contrary to what he claims, Eddy Kenzo has never given him any money and has instead always directed him to his manager.

He continues by saying that despite lately suffering from ulcers, he called Eddy Kenzo to buy Omeprazo for Ugx 4,000 but the singer turned a deaf ear.

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The music producer further stressed that the only people that helped him during his ailment were Gift Kaddo who provided him with meals on his sick bed, and King Saha who sent him Ugx 300,000.

Didi noted that he is aware that Eddy Kenzo doesn’t like him and he is okay with it but he should stop lying to the public about how he has been helping him financially.


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