Zafaran Drops ‘Nakawere’ and ‘Enafuya’ | VIDEO

Swangz Avenue singer Zafaran real name Josephine Nakyoonyi expanded her growing music catalogue with a double track.

Last week saw Swangz Avenue’s sensational vocalist Zafaran release two tracks, dubbed “Nakawere” and “Enafuya.”

“Nakawere,” is a Luganda title given to a woman who has just given birth. The song is an enchanting and delightful track, written by Azawi and produced by Kuseim.

Both lyrically and vocally, Zafaran’s lovely voice perfectly catches the essence of the song, giving it a gripping and delightful listen.

The song’s central idea is starting a family and wanting to have kids with an attractive, dependable partner.

The song’s lyrics, especially the line “You wanna make babies every night, No problem if you gat potential,” reveal the artist’s desire to have a family with a deserving person.


The music video is extremely well-made, filled with engrossing scenarios that will keep viewers riveted to their screens and playing the song repeatedly.

Notably, “Nakawere” is Zafaran’s seventh audio release through Swangz Avenue, demonstrating her development and dedication to her musical profession.

Zafaran’s distinctive style and capacity for relating to her audience make an impression on listeners with each new album she releases. The video is excellent, and all the stunning scenes that the director managed to capture will have viewers riveted to their screens and playing the song over.

Zafaran’s second single, “Enafuya,” is a captivating love song with soulful vocals and sentimental lyrics that attract listeners. This song, which was written by Avion King and expertly produced by Artin, demonstrates Zafaran’s incredible skill and the dynamic new force she brings to the Ugandan music scene.

“Enafuya” is a lovely example of the strength of love. With a performance that showcases her complete range as a vocalist and guitarist, Zafaran puts her all into this song.


Zafaran’s vocals are well complemented by Avion King’s superb songwriting and Artin’s top-notch production. The song’s melody is unique and immediately recognisable, guaranteeing that “Enafuya” will stick in listeners’ heads long after the song has ended.

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As a result of Zafaran’s commitment to writing immaculate lyrics, the music industry has been given new life.

Have a gaze at the video below.


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