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Zari Hassan Claps Back at the 20s and 30s Year Old Questioning Her 40 Year Old Beauty

Ugandan South African-based Socialite Zari Hassan alias Zari The Bosslady has responded to critics who claim that she is ageing.

In a recent Instagram story, Zari addressed the circulating videos that depict her as an older woman, stating that her critics’ attempts to manipulate these videos do not change her true self.

She confidently emphasized her beauty and questioned why individuals in their 20s and 30s are so concerned about a 40-year-old like herself.

As a mother of five, Zari revealed that her critics fail to recognize how people perceive her in real life, where her true beauty shines.

Zari All White Party

Additionally, she mentioned that the videos in question were taken during a press conference and were originally intended for media purposes.

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Zari concluded by urging her critics to acknowledge the undeniable truth that she surpasses them in all aspects of life.


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