Zari Hassn

Zari Hassan’s Uganda Home Burglarized, Guard Brutalized, Property And AK47 Gun Taken

Socialite Zari Hassan has expressed her frustration regarding the recent break-in at her residence in Uganda.

The thieves managed to steal valuable belongings from her house while she was away after assaulting her security guard, inflicting severe injuries by striking him with his own AK47 gun.

Zari further disclosed that the thieves even attempted to take her car keys, intending to escape with some of her vehicles.

However, their plan was thwarted as the police promptly responded to the situation, causing the criminals to flee.

Zari Hassan

Thankfully, none of her household members were harmed, except for the security guard who is currently receiving extensive medical treatment.

Assuring the public, Zari mentioned that since the incident involved government property, the police are diligently working around the clock to recover the stolen items and apprehend the culprits responsible for this heinous act.


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