Daniella Atim

4 fun facts to know about Daniella Atim

Jose Chameleone’s ex-wife Daniella Atim has taken her social media followers through her only four fun facts they never knew about her

Taking to her Instagram stories, Daniella Atim revealed that she only actively communicates with five individuals despite having 27 phone contacts saved in her device.

The mother of five also conveyed her love for quiet environments and rarely tolerates noisy surroundings.

Daniella noted that she prefers to wake up early, embark on her tasks and end them at 2 PM, before emphasizing the importance of sleep in her life.

Daniella Atim
I have only 27 contacts saved in my phone, 5 of whom I actively communicate with
I love beautiful quiet spaces and can only take loud places in bits
I am a morning person, I prefer to start my day at dawn and end at 2PM
Sleep is a real serious big deal for me

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