NEWSA House Doesn't Determine an Artists' Success - Bebe Cool

A House Doesn’t Determine an Artists’ Success – Bebe Cool

Veteran singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has revealed that a house doesn’t determine a musician’s success.

Over the years, people have used the acquisition of property like houses, cars and many others as a yardstick to determine their success.

However, Gagamel chief Bebe Cool doesn’t concur with the school of thought, citing musicians ought to work hard and establish other investments.

Bebe further stressed that many musicians have lost their houses to Bank loans, a visible example being Catherine Kusasia, who lost her Makindye house in a similar manner.

Bebe Cool

The Kasepiki singer continued by advising musicians to plan ahead of time for their musical careers so that they will have a fallback plan in case their revenue stream is sabotaged.

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Bebe suggested that musicians should venture into a variety of business activities, including planting trees, land acquisition, agribusiness, and many more to broaden their revenue streams.


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