Abdul Mulasi Seeks Assistance to Regain Rights to His Music on YouTube

Veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulasi Rasta Smart has sought assistance to regain full rights to his music which was shared on YouTube.

Abdul Mulasi rose to stardom in the early 2000s, with his breakthrough album”Ebeere”. According to him, he sold his album to a then-prominent music distributor Fred Mukubira alias FM at Ugx 1.5M.

However, as the world evolved, online music platforms were established like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon Music among others where creatives shared their crafts to be accessed by their fans earning money in return.

Unfortunately, Abdul Mulasi and several other musicians didn’t adjust to the new culture of online music distribution something that affected them in the long run.

Abdul Mulasi reveals that over the years, many people have reaped big from his music, which they shared on YouTube among other video streaming platforms without his knowledge.

Abdul Mulasi

Abdul mentioned renowned DJ Ericom among the many other music platform users who have enjoyed his sweat in the comfort of their seating rooms.

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It is at this point that Abdul Mulasi pleaded with anyone with extensive knowledge in his field of concern to help him collect all his music on one YouTube channel, where he would be able to earn a living.










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